Launch of 175th Reunion

QUEEN’s College (QC) will celebrate its Dodransbicentennial (175th) Anniversary this October, through a week of activities aimed at celebrating the school’s years of excellence and foster further development for the school. “This is a big year for Queen’s College; we’ve been around for a very long time [and] done a lot for the country,” Chairman of the Queen’s College Board of Governors, Alfred Granger shared at the launch of the anniversary on Wednesday. Granger reminded that over the years of its long history, QC has produced many outstanding Guyanese who have distinguished themselves in the fields of politics, government, law, foreign affairs, education, medicine, the social and natural sciences and in several other professions. Granger also noted that while the school benefits from annual subvention from the government to deal with its overhead costs, there are still expenses, particularly as the administration hopes to develop certain aspects of the school. As such, the anniversary activities will feature several fundraisers for developmental projects. One such aspect that could be developed is a Centre of Excellence in the performing arts, Granger shared. According to the Chairman, this comes as part of the efforts being directed to provide a more rounded education for the students. Focus will also be placed on developing a professional orchestra.

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